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Music Producer and Artist, Mathaius Young, Reflects on a Memorable Moment with Sonny Digital and Names Industry Pioneers that have Influenced his Work

By Nicole Morris 

December 13,2020

In the studio with Atlanta Producer TreDaFuture

Tell us about how you first became interested in music production?

Honestly, I’ve always enjoyed music production. Even before I started producing my own music I’ve always connected with certain melodies and drums in songs that I thought were special. I used to make mixes for girls I was talking to back in the day...putting them on to stuff I thought was dope. 


Who are some producers or artists that have inspired you or influenced your work?

It’s kinda all over the place but, Just Blaze, Teddy Riley, Dr. Dre, Kanye, Pharrell, Tyler The Creator, and a lot of experimental producers like Burial, Jai Paul, Andy Stott. I like everything haha.


How would you describe your style of music production?

There isn’t a way to really describe it, because these days you wouldn’t even know I did something. I can do any style. If I was the average listener, I’d say if it sounds really unique and genre blending, it’s probably me.


From listening to a few of the projects that you have been featured on, your beats are unmatched. How long does it typically take you to create your masterpieces?

Anywhere from an hour to a few days. Depends ya know?


How much time do you usually spend in the studio?

Some days it’ll be all damn day, no food just music. Some days I’ll be in there all day, but I probably only made beats for a few hours. I just like being around the music no matter what. Inspiration comes at weird times for me, but I’m always prepared. Might get a call to send stems, to do this or that, never know.


What’s the most memorable experience that you have had, from the time that you’ve entered the industry until now?

Most memorable was my boy Sonny Digital calling me to the studio to work for the first time and just that experience was both fun, but funny. One of my friends was like super turnt, and threw up from the car, outside the studio as the assistant was tryna get us to come inside. I was on FaceTime with my homie and we were just dying laughing. Just stuck in my head forever. 


Who are some artists that you’ve had the opportunity to work with thus far?

Don Toliver, Jazz Cartier, Cousin Stizz, Rockie Fresh, Sonny Digital, Drayco McCoy, a lot more on the way!


What artists in the industry would you like to work with at some point in your career?

Thug, this kid named Yung Kayo, SZA, and Chief Keef. A lot more R&B artists, experimental artists etc. I just wanna make dope music that will live on forever no matter what genre. I’m gonna surprise a lot of people next year with the collaborations they see from me.

Black Backdrop.00_02_23_02.Still027.jpg

Aside from the dope music that you create, what are some other passions that you have?

Visual Arts & Design. I have my own music I release as well, as an artist. I’ve done mostly all of the recent album covers for my releases. Everything gotta be tasteful, so if I don’t know somebody to do exactly what’s in my head, I do it myself. Videos too. These are the last two I’ve edited for my own music. 


Space Age Shit - Mathaius Young Ft. Michael Seven

Deeper - Mathaius Young

We’ve talked to many other creatives and the pandemic has impacted them all a little differently. How would you say this year has influenced your creativity?

My life hasn’t changed much. Just weird times man, you can feel it in the air. It’s only made me wanna go harder though. I’m always in a state of inspiration. Music is in my blood. My Whole family creative and it’s just natural to be inspired in a pandemic honestly. I’m tryna come out the pandemic 10 steps ahead foreal.


Is there anyone in particular that has been supportive of you with your aspirations?

My mother who is my best friend has always been very supportive! Believes in me when I don’t believe in myself. When I start tripping about stuff, little stuff she says make me snap out of it. 


Would you say that there are any other genres of music that you would like to explore with production?

UK Deep Garage, Electronic, fusion dark R&B.


What would you say has been the most challenging thing that you’re encountered with breaking into the industry?

Understanding how the game works. Artists spend a lot of time complaining about not being able to maneuver into the industry because they don’t know how the game works. It was challenging until I came out to Hollywood and seen how everything works. 


What’s your creative process in the studio?

Honestly, I just need a good vibe. I listen to some music to get a vibe going, open up my laptop, and start trying ideas. Paint splatters to a blank canvas is how I describe it. I don’t know what I’m doing at first, but the base idea gets fleshed out the more I add or subtract from a beat. 


I’m certain there have been many up and downs over the course of your career. What would you say is the most valuable lesson that you have learned?

To always be prepared for an opportunity because you never know when it may come. Always be on your A game. 


For artists that are interested in working with you, how can they contact you?

Our email is and on our socials...even though they sometimes get lost in DM-land, on IG @mathaiusyung and Twitter @mathaiusyoung

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