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From Baking and Pastry Arts to High Fashion Photography: Julian Jones

Tell us a little bit about who Julian Jones is for those out there who aren’t familiar with you yet.

I’m an African American fine artist and fashion photographer based in Noblesville, IN. From 2013 to 2014 I received two associates degree’s in baking & pastry arts and culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University. In that same year I graduated and received my professional international baking certificate from Ēcole Nationale Supērieure De Pātisserie in Yssingeaux, France. Shortly after, I got invited to study at The French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois and obtained a professional cake decorating certificate. In 2016, I enrolled at at the Herron School of Art + Design in Indianapolis, IN to pursue a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree. In May 2020 I finished with a BFA in Photography and now in the fall I will begin my MFA studies in photography at Cranbrook Academy of Art  in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. 

What is something people seem to misunderstand about you?

People say I’m very shy and quiet. I think I’m observant. 93% of people say I’m very nice and passionate about my craft. The other 6% either have pissed me off or weren’t my cup of tea to begin with.

What led you to Photography?

I always had a love for art. I’ve been involved in a professional dance company, singing in my church choir, band in middle school, marching band in high school, drill team and fashion design. I think just me being curious about photography and wanting to learn how to use a camera led me to where I am now.  Also, I watched every season of America’s Next Model and I would love watching the creative photoshoots in the episodes.

What would you consider your preferred style of photography?

My speciality is fashion photography. In my perspective, having a style is extremely important in the art industry. I would say my preferred style is European photography. I love the European perspective of fashion styling and the artistic push within the photography medium. The European style is very regal,  dramatic and just overall different than the American style.

What does the position title “photographer” truly mean to you?


What is the hardest part about your profession?

I think the hardest part about the profession is not working in the right demographic for fashion photography. I love Indianapolis, but let’s be very clear. Fashion isn’t huge in Indianapolis at all. It’s extremely complicated to find stylists to work with and at times I feel very discouraged due to the lack of stylist in the Indianapolis area to help grow my work.

What is the easiest and/or most fun part about your profession?

I absolutely love meeting new models, hairstylists, makeup artists and stylist! It’s great to connect with other creatives and just having the opportunity to learn from each other. I also enjoy talking with the agencies and planning shots!

What would you tell your younger self before entering this field?

It’s hard work man, don’t give up on yourself and continue to push until the very end.

Tell us about your role in your collaboration with Wilhelmina Chicago and The Boys Model Management NYC.

I’m extremely humbled and grateful for both opportunities. The owner of The Boys Model Management (Aaron) reached out through Instagram about 3 years ago. We started communicating through email and to make a long story short I started test shooting with his male models in NYC. It’s been a great experience and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity.

Wilhelmina Chicago came about me being interested in shooting with a female model. Next thing I know, I had a meeting in Chicago with the development agent at the time and we discussed test shooting. I haven’t done a lot of test shooting with Wilhelmina but I’m excited to begin shooting more!!!

Tell us about some of your favorite collaborations/publications that you’ve been a part of so far.

My favorite collaboration/ publications I’ve been apart of so far has to be the feature in Vanity Teen featuring Galen Rentschler, the publishing in The Flowhouse Magazine Paris featuring models for The Boys Model Management, and the publishing in The Editorial QC Magazine featuring Michelle Enoch of RED Models NY.

If I could remove all barriers and constraints what project would you work on and who would you want to be featured on this project, if anyone?

If I could remove all barriers and constraints what project would I work on and who would be featured in the project. I would like to shoot an awesome fashion editorial in Italy featuring Jaden Smith.

What are some of your other passions other than photography?

I really love fashion design! I actually had my own streetwear brand before adventuring in photography. I had to give it up just due to the lack of knowledge surrounding the business aspects of running and operating a business. Now, I look back and just laugh. Lol…… but I learned a lot and I’m actually working on releasing my brand in early 2021 which I’m also very excited about.

Tell us a little bit about your experience in France.

In 2013, I lived in France for 4 months for my pastry internship. I lived in a very small town of Yssingeaux, France. I really wasn’t concentrating on photography at the time sadly, but my time in France inspired me to study more about the fashion. I remember walking by the VERSACE store in Italy and just cried like the biggest baby. France really opened my eyes about fashion and made me want to explore the industry even more.

What makes you feel inspired or like your best self?

Being successful and working to the best of my ability at my craft makes me feel inspired.

What can you tell us about any projects that you’re currently working on and are excited about?

Of course due to COVID - 19, I’ve stepped back from traveling to NYC and LA. I’m currently shooting with agencies in Chicago and working on building my portfolio. I do have some new fashion editorials that haven’t been release yet. In the mean time, stay tuned…..

How can we stay connected with you as you continue on your journey?

Please visit my website: and follow me on Instagram: @julioj3 


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